Right or Wrong?

 When we are young we are taught what is right and what is wrong. As kids, things often seem just whether black or white, that is how we learn to distinguish contrasts. But as we grow up, we may lose that clarity and no longer accurately distinguish right from wrong or good from evil. This post’s purpose is reflecting about that.   At the beginning During our childhood, our parents teach us so that we learn that our actions have

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Blind People

 Everyday when we wake up, first thing we see in the morning is daylight, but we don’t appreciated it. There are thousands of people in the world who can’t see it, people “visually impaired” due to several possible factors. Such “disability” may be partial, in the case of ” visually impaired” people, or total, in the case of those people whom we call blind. In this post I will talk about some of my knowledge and personal experience with blind people

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Can we ask time to stop its path? Time always runs the same, by hook or by crook.

  Objective Give the reader a positive view on the problems related to time or what we have as concept of time.   Introduction The Bolero Mexican song “El reloj” translated as “The Clock”. The phrase “time is money”. Einstein’s phrase “Time is relative.” And thousands of examples over time make it clear that we are obsessed by the variable “time” and sometimes we get so obsessed that this may become something negative that turns against us, in this article I want

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How to choose a profession?

  Some have defined the career they want to study and practice practically since they are aware. Unfortunately, this is not everyone’s case. There are also those who find difficult to make that decision. We already know that choosing a career is a very important decision. It is a decision that will affect the rest of our lives tremendously, so it is quite natural to be afraid of making mistakes. Or maybe we just do not have a clue where to start

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Some facts about Maturity

 Maturity is a term which can be given different meanings due to its various contexts this can be applied in. On this occasion, we”ll talk about the maturity concept as an indicator of personal growth. For better comprehension of this topic, read the following definition. Maturity is an adjective we use to we describe people who act under “good judgment”, prudence or wisdom, that is, someone who is at the same mental and emotional level than an adult. A person’s maturity is usually

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 What’s a goal? In life, we all have dreams, those dreams that drive us to reach more in life than what we have already. Perhaps your dream is having for once the chance to be with your platonic love, getting a million dollars as a lottery price, having your very own house, visiting a specific city, getting the perfect job for you, having your own family,… whichever your dream is, you can make it if you put your mind on it.

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Differences Between Woman and Man

 Physically and psychologically, man and woman are very different. It is common that the differences between genders makes us hard to understand the opposite sex. To do that, we must have information, will, patience, tolerance, be comprehensive, and improve the communication among us. Next, I will describe woman and man characteristics, our differences, and how to make real a healthy coexistance.   Woman’s Characteristics. A woman is receptive. She senses. She is tender and thoughtful, sensitive and imaginative, friendly and sentimental. A woman does

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 Almsgiving is a term used to describe the action of giving money, food or other items to the poor as a charity act. In some regions, it is usual to see people on the streets begging for money as the most common of requests. When you are a kid, adults teach to be charitative giving to the poor. How great it feels helping and being solidary and empathetic. Religions as well, lecture us about charity and so on. Anyway, you can

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How to stop having nightmares

creepy forest picture looking up

 I used to have nightmares, almost every night, its like your something knows your worst fears and then put them in the most scariest way into your dreams and it is terrifying. I stopped having nightmares completely after employing 2 techniques, it took me some months to master it but it just stopped them forever: 1. Be good with God. That means have a healthy relationship with God, pray several times a day, pray the holy rosary sometimes, go to

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Dead of a loved one

Soul leaving dead body

 I’ve lost a lot of close family members, loved ones. My experience tells me the dead are better there, than us here in this world. They rested, they have no pain, and the most likely are in joy with God, Jesus and Mary. We who stay here cry and suffer, most likely for ourselves which where not ready for him or here to die, or because we are going to miss them a lot. A suggestion is that you enjoy

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Balance activities in life

 I’ve hade the experience that when your life is not balanced, you are very much unhappy, you get sick and it just doesn’t feel right, you feel tired and like things are not going good in general with your life. The experience is that when you balance your life between healthy working time, no more than 8 hours a day, probably 6 to 7 very effective hours, you exercise your body, you pray and go to church (exercise your soul),

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