Harvard Satanic black “mass” to mock Christians


Today inside a very famous university, Harvard, a black mass, satanic of course will take place. It is understandable they picked the Catholic Church to mock and laugh from, due that we are peaceful, spread love and justice and never retaliate with violence. I wonder will they ever host an antisemitic or antiislamic event. Let me remind you, if you don’t know it, a black mass is a reenactment of a Catholic Christian mass, with the purpose of mocking Jesus Christ and all the event of the original mass, trying to hurt Jesus in physical and spiritual ways. What is is funny to think, in a practical way of thinking, is that probably two docen ignorants will try to portray this “mass mockery” when today millions of Holy Rosarys to Virgin Mary, and real masses take place. In the spiritual world, who will win then 🙂

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