Heaven is for real book and movie


So there is a book and a movie about this subject, Heaven is for real, about a kid that didn’t die and nevertheless has a believable testimony of visiting heaven for a while. I am aware of book and movie content as well as catholic and christian religion, and I am sure that the content in the kids testimony is valid (if his testimony is real or faked-forced by the parents, we will never know, but it seems authentic).

Content is valid in terms of religion, doesn’t contradict catholic or christian dogma, but is is important to state that the kid and their parents are strongly protestant christians, so this explains why in the book they merely accept Virgin Mary, mother of Christ (when their religion doesn’t accept her) and in the movie they exclude completely her existance, something that it is very sad, you can see how money, protestant money, paid for the movie and it feeds certain personal or business interests rather than promoting or showing the explicit truth, which demerits and discredits the movie a lot, this is a shame.

Keynotes that impress anyone are the similarity with other foreign girl which also visited heaven when 4 years old and how they portray Jesus Christ in an image, they both agree it is identical to their parallel experience. Other impressive information is how the kid knew things that not even a very smart boy could have learned from thin air and told their parents. It gives us Jesus and Mary believers fresh information of how our next life in Heaven might be, gives us hope and strength to keep on loving God, hoping he invites us when we die, to his Heaven.

It is even stupid to mention that non believers will not believe by looking at this content, they might even be offended, may be because Heaven is for real, as a true fact and they are not doing nothing for it. But God is as Good, he loves believers and non believers equally and I am sure we will all be with him… pretty soon, 100 years is little time.

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