Why so many movies in the world


People are crazy about money and want to make money, as much and as fast as they can, that is the explanation in less words possible of why are there too many movies, too many bad movies (and by bad I mean with a terrible message, worst example, worst role models, direct and indirect specially for children but won’t exclude all adults). Just as newspaper is a business, and newspaper wants to sell newspapers putting the worst news possible (good news, stories about good people in the world doesn’t sell as many newspapers), is the same with the movie industry. The actors, actresses there, the stories they make, hundreds of movies about the end of the world, or most of the movies portraying the single hero or team of less than 5 people that save the world from millions of enemies, its because they sell movie tickets, sponsorships, action figures, toys, all kinds of advertising, etc. end of the line, they make money. Discernment in 99% of the people is bad, and that’s why it is so irresponsible to bring bad role models and examples to the theaters, people get affected emotionally, psychologically in every way, without even noticing it, and kids just learn a reality we don’t want them to learn. It is not a coincidence that humans around the movie industry are the worst example as family members and to society: they bring their shit right to us, and manage to make people admire them. Be careful of what you see, and let your loved ones see, just open your eyes and see a movie with critic eyes, and don’t let yourself get caught by the lessons that guns, drugs, porn are cool and you are getting away with it: the message in many movies is clear: you can do whatever you want (God doesn’t exist), that is the American dream, think with your ass instead of your head.

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