Is a zombie apocalypse even possible?


Ok, some people do think about it as a possibility but no, it is not possible, so stashing things that you might use for the zombie apocalypse will rust and make old, you will never use them, just as some hundred years ago there was a human-vampire furor, that didn’t produce any real human-vampires, just collective fear and stupidity.

Why a zombie apocalypse is not even possible? Our body is an organic system, that works well when it is alive, healthy and it is controlled by our will, our true power is in our soul also, so when we die, the source of that power, organic and spiritual, is no longer in the body. So you think that a “virus” or a “host” like a parasite will kill you but then give you super strenght, or just activate your reflexes of a brain that no longer runs on electricity and lacks of calories, energies from food, because yes, our zombie stories allow stomachless or half rotten human corpses to walk, even run to bite for food, that can lo longer be digested and turned into energy, so just give it a thought for a moment.

Viruses, parasites, etc. take healthy living hosts that generate something they need to stay alive, like heat, energy, food, not rotten meat. Insects, bugs, bacteria, and other living organisms that host a dead body are designed to eat organic tissue, that’s how our world works.

Those corpses will rot, get stiff, like all the others. The only corpses that defy natural decomposition are catholic saints for hundreds of years, and are few, so you don’t need to worry about this.

Zombie apocalypse is just a story, science fiction, take it as it is, it cannot come true, not physically possible.

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