Why is the world so full of shit


Why is the world so full of shit? World is beatiful, plants, mountains, rain, etc. but people make it a bad place to be. Humanity in every stage is selfish, looking for power and money, and all of those people that seek, may be temporarily obtain some of the things they wanted, end up dead, they just mess up everybody’s life around them, like for instance people that produce and share porn and drugs, and people that are suppose to have an honest business or a government position and help others with their position, they are just selfish, they see for themselves and make all immoral illegal things in the way to their stupid, temporary objectives.

So why the world is so full of shit? People eat shit every day, we see this things and shut up, and we are too busy with the stupid tv, videogames, idiotic magazine articles, and taking drugs and porn, so smart! Keep eating shit, and the world around will will be that, stop right now and change yourself, and you can do something about it.

Religion keeps getting kicked out of everything, government, schools, public places, it is more comfortable I suppose, God supposes you to behave, to make an effort to be a better, more generous person, so the easy thing is to eat shit = ignore God. Want to change? Don’t start an association, change yourself, Catholics we only seek a very simple thing: be able to love everyone, including people we hate, as much as we love ourselves, this is a World changer, if you decide stop eating shit.

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