Why we die and death penalty is not punishment

Death room for executions

 Death is natural in our world, things are created, live and then dry out and new things are born, everything works that way; plants, animals, humans. It’s a cycle, no one can live forever. So death is not a punishment, nor a surprise, nor a bad state, it is just a state of life, the last stage for an individual to his own appreciation but for ones that outlive this dying person is a lesson that things are temporary, that

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Dead of a loved one

Soul leaving dead body

 I’ve lost a lot of close family members, loved ones. My experience tells me the dead are better there, than us here in this world. They rested, they have no pain, and the most likely are in joy with God, Jesus and Mary. We who stay here cry and suffer, most likely for ourselves which where not ready for him or here to die, or because we are going to miss them a lot. A suggestion is that you enjoy

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