Some Facts about love.

  Couples in love sometimes synchronize heartbeat and brain patterns. Not kidding! Couples who have been hooked up to monitors for their heart and brain functions were found to synchronize, every few moments, while interacting with each other. This is often explained as “momentary love,” in which we have a moment that makes us feel loved, and is the backbone to long-term love.   Thinking Of Love And Sex Influences Creativity And Concrete Thinking, Respectively Research based on the construal

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Does God exist

 If you can certainly read this, God truly exists, look yourself at the mirror and glare at the perfection of a body that works perfect, from optical nerves to a circulatory system, nervous system, digestion system, etc, everything works together to form something that was engineered to work this way, if you think an explosion created your organism or any other organism, you probably deserve all bad things that happen to you. God exists, loves us and he is misunderstood

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Do aliens exist?

 Of course. Thousands of people have witnessed flying saucers, big, luminous that move like no other technology here, dozens of testimonies from government officials that they exist AND that it is a priority not permitting anyone to fully know. Read about JAL1628, commercial plane with quite an experience. USA Government told investigators in this case that people cannot handle the news of such advanced technology, not in hands of humans. Just a thought.

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