Differences Between Woman and Man

 Physically and psychologically, man and woman are very different. It is common that the differences between genders makes us hard to understand the opposite sex. To do that, we must have information, will, patience, tolerance, be comprehensive, and improve the communication among us. Next, I will describe woman and man characteristics, our differences, and how to make real a healthy coexistance.   Woman’s Characteristics. A woman is receptive. She senses. She is tender and thoughtful, sensitive and imaginative, friendly and sentimental. A woman does

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How to save your marriage

wedding day rings hold hands

 You want to save your marriage? Don’t try to do it and decide it yourself, get both Jesus as an example, you will live a long, happy, endless marriage. I recommend to see the movie Fireproof, you can get it anywhere on the net, it is in Netflix. Love is a decision you make everyday, not a feeling of butterflies, you decide to make your partner happy, specially in rought times.

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