Some facts about Maturity


Maturity is a term which can be given different meanings due to its various contexts this can be applied in. On this occasion, we”ll talk about the maturity concept as an indicator of personal growth. For better comprehension of this topic, read the following definition. Maturity is an adjective we use to we describe people who act under “good judgment”, prudence or wisdom, that is, someone who is at the same mental and emotional level than an adult.

A person’s maturity is usually measured based on their behavior: handling of situations, reaction to certain events, how they treat others, decisions making, etc. If someone is upset or worried about something trivial, we can say that is not mature. But if someone responds rational and sage way to a certain situation, then we can say that is mature.

Young Girl Holding a Plant --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisIn many cases , maturity is not directly related to the age of people. There may be certain cases when it is so, however, that does not allow us to generalize and say that age and maturity levels are proportional. For example, there may be a child 10 years old who we can say about that he is “very mature for his age”, but on the other hand, an adult 40 years old behaving like an immature teenager. It all depends on our inner self. Whether we choose to keep our childish attitude as it is or evolve and grow as individuals. It is our decision to stay where we are or move forward.

The environment we live in will always have some effect on our lives. Perhaps, we grew up surrounded by an overprotective spoiling family, and it is understandable that makes hard for us to mature, but that’s not an excuse. There are no excuses.

We can all become mature adults. It is a matter of attitude. It is about taking charge of our own lives and take responsibility for ourselves and our future. Once the decision to allow mature is taken, everything becomes easier. Things look more realistic and normal. You’ll stop worrying about unimportant stuff. Things flow. You’ll have time to think through what is really important. You’ll do things correctly. And you’ll avoid so many problems.

I invite you to give it a chance. Step forward into your future. Leave behind the already past stage and take his teachings to evolve into a better version of yourself. This is what maturity is about.

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