Some Facts about love.

  Couples in love sometimes synchronize heartbeat and brain patterns. Not kidding! Couples who have been hooked up to monitors for their heart and brain functions were found to synchronize, every few moments, while interacting with each other. This is often explained as “momentary love,” in which we have a moment that makes us feel loved, and is the backbone to long-term love.   Thinking Of Love And Sex Influences Creativity And Concrete Thinking, Respectively Research based on the construal

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Heaven is for real book and movie

jesus christ real picture

 So there is a book and a movie about this subject, Heaven is for real, about a kid that didn’t die and nevertheless has a believable testimony of visiting heaven for a while. I am aware of book and movie content as well as catholic and christian religion, and I am sure that the content in the kids testimony is valid (if his testimony is real or faked-forced by the parents, we will never know, but it seems authentic). Content

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I worry too much about everything

 I used to live worried about everything or better to say, about anything. The lesson I learned is that worrying won’t fix problems: worrying itself is the problem. Past is unchangeable, Future is unpredictable, Present is the only thing you have, you should only be occuppied attending your current next 30 minutes of your life, that it’s what’s in your control, only. Forget about everything else, just this present half hour of your life, live it to the maximum, do

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