Is a zombie apocalypse even possible?

 Ok, some people do think about it as a possibility but no, it is not possible, so stashing things that you might use for the zombie apocalypse will rust and make old, you will never use them, just as some hundred years ago there was a human-vampire furor, that didn’t produce any real human-vampires, just collective fear and stupidity. Why a zombie apocalypse is not even possible? Our body is an organic system, that works well when it is alive,

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When is the end of the world

 The end of the world is… when you die, this is the end of your life in this world and you will never return to the planet Earth with a body. Your soul will travel, transform, or whatever happens to God to see the result of rightful things you did to others. Everything in the universe had a start, and will have an end, this would be in millions of years, or any day if we destroy it with our

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Sometimes I feel like God abandoned us

 Sometimes I feel like God abandoned us to our own luck, to our own destiny, only to the pure and objective result of our decisions, decisions of others and natural variables that play in our life. Sometimes life is not easy, nor fun. Rapidly I come to sense, God exists and love us, specially those who love him back, He is atemporal, so billions of years is a millisecond to him or so, and he is in everytime at the

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Soccer World Cup mania

gold worldcup

 Soccer World Cup in Brazil is just a masive event, everybody is involved, just because many countries are involved. As millions are watching, many other millions want to stay away from the tournament and all that involves it. As everything, is a matter of taste and opinion, we should give respect to the ones that like the sport and like the games, it is actually a healthy hobbie (as long as it is not an addiction or involves in gambling,

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Does God exist

 If you can certainly read this, God truly exists, look yourself at the mirror and glare at the perfection of a body that works perfect, from optical nerves to a circulatory system, nervous system, digestion system, etc, everything works together to form something that was engineered to work this way, if you think an explosion created your organism or any other organism, you probably deserve all bad things that happen to you. God exists, loves us and he is misunderstood

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Never surrender, dont surrender

 You should never feel bad, there is no time for that, your life can just go doing that and never realizing that your life ended. You just need to fill your head with positive thoughts that are going to help your goal, the thoughts that block you, slow you down or distract from your goal like obtaining that job, getting that position, etc. (any positive objective), those thoughts are stopping you or wanting to, and they will, if you let

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Why we die and death penalty is not punishment

Death room for executions

 Death is natural in our world, things are created, live and then dry out and new things are born, everything works that way; plants, animals, humans. It’s a cycle, no one can live forever. So death is not a punishment, nor a surprise, nor a bad state, it is just a state of life, the last stage for an individual to his own appreciation but for ones that outlive this dying person is a lesson that things are temporary, that

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I worry too much about everything

 I used to live worried about everything or better to say, about anything. The lesson I learned is that worrying won’t fix problems: worrying itself is the problem. Past is unchangeable, Future is unpredictable, Present is the only thing you have, you should only be occuppied attending your current next 30 minutes of your life, that it’s what’s in your control, only. Forget about everything else, just this present half hour of your life, live it to the maximum, do

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Harvard Satanic black “mass” to mock Christians

Holy Rosary Jesus Christ Cross

 Today inside a very famous university, Harvard, a black mass, satanic of course will take place. It is understandable they picked the Catholic Church to mock and laugh from, due that we are peaceful, spread love and justice and never retaliate with violence. I wonder will they ever host an antisemitic or antiislamic event. Let me remind you, if you don’t know it, a black mass is a reenactment of a Catholic Christian mass, with the purpose of mocking Jesus

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Dead of a loved one

Soul leaving dead body

 I’ve lost a lot of close family members, loved ones. My experience tells me the dead are better there, than us here in this world. They rested, they have no pain, and the most likely are in joy with God, Jesus and Mary. We who stay here cry and suffer, most likely for ourselves which where not ready for him or here to die, or because we are going to miss them a lot. A suggestion is that you enjoy

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Jesus Christ prince of humbleness

jesus christ real picture

 Just realized about the historic event of Jesus Christ, how he came to our world to sacrifice himself with unconditional love, when humanity was in a stage of constant sin and ungratefulness to God. He who is king and sits to the right of God, and withstands misbelief, treason and constant humilliation by humans, and just is treated like a common crook. He sets a bar, a standard for humbleness never thought real, he who is king and never bragged

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How to save your marriage

wedding day rings hold hands

 You want to save your marriage? Don’t try to do it and decide it yourself, get both Jesus as an example, you will live a long, happy, endless marriage. I recommend to see the movie Fireproof, you can get it anywhere on the net, it is in Netflix. Love is a decision you make everyday, not a feeling of butterflies, you decide to make your partner happy, specially in rought times.

Addiction buying things, stuff, clothes

 To everybody out there that has an addiction or feels addicted to buying things every day, or feels like a rush, adrenaline in buying new things, because it is the only way you might feel happy sometimes, I suggest to you to sit down, talk to yourself and see what is going wrong, this usually is an unbalance in your life. May be you lack of exercise to your soul and want to fill the lack of God with things,

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Balance activities in life

 I’ve hade the experience that when your life is not balanced, you are very much unhappy, you get sick and it just doesn’t feel right, you feel tired and like things are not going good in general with your life. The experience is that when you balance your life between healthy working time, no more than 8 hours a day, probably 6 to 7 very effective hours, you exercise your body, you pray and go to church (exercise your soul),

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When life gives you lemons

 I’ve learned the hard way that when life gives you lemons, sour, green, bitter lemons, you should be glad too. There are lots of tastes and different ways of looking at the same thinks, there are people that dig and love this sour lemons, and you can also prepare a delicious lemonade with them. The lesson is, your life is not all bad, turn your 10% bad that happens to you, also into happy moments, you will die younger from

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Doing something you dont want to

 When you are going to do something you don’t want to do, but it is inevitable, you have to do it, follow the next steps and you will be much happier. 1. Is what you are going to do against God’s rules and principles? If the anser is yes, don’t do it. If the answer is no, go to step 2. 2. Put a smile and do it with a smile, you are going to do it anyway, you will

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Criminal human rights

 Suddenly there is people defending the criminals from bad treatment because they have human rights. These criminals which await their dead penalty or life in prison, because they took the life of daughters, sons of everyone, in cruel and cold ways, and there is people wasting their time thinking in their human rights? Their human rights were lost with their victims, now they have the right to shut up, work for their meal everyday, and being punished.

Do aliens exist?

 Of course. Thousands of people have witnessed flying saucers, big, luminous that move like no other technology here, dozens of testimonies from government officials that they exist AND that it is a priority not permitting anyone to fully know. Read about JAL1628, commercial plane with quite an experience. USA Government told investigators in this case that people cannot handle the news of such advanced technology, not in hands of humans. Just a thought.

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