Blind People

 Everyday when we wake up, first thing we see in the morning is daylight, but we don’t appreciated it. There are thousands of people in the world who can’t see it, people “visually impaired” due to several possible factors. Such “disability” may be partial, in the case of ” visually impaired” people, or total, in the case of those people whom we call blind. In this post I will talk about some of my knowledge and personal experience with blind people

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 What’s a goal? In life, we all have dreams, those dreams that drive us to reach more in life than what we have already. Perhaps your dream is having for once the chance to be with your platonic love, getting a million dollars as a lottery price, having your very own house, visiting a specific city, getting the perfect job for you, having your own family,… whichever your dream is, you can make it if you put your mind on it.

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Differences Between Woman and Man

 Physically and psychologically, man and woman are very different. It is common that the differences between genders makes us hard to understand the opposite sex. To do that, we must have information, will, patience, tolerance, be comprehensive, and improve the communication among us. Next, I will describe woman and man characteristics, our differences, and how to make real a healthy coexistance.   Woman’s Characteristics. A woman is receptive. She senses. She is tender and thoughtful, sensitive and imaginative, friendly and sentimental. A woman does

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 Before We Start… According to Merriam-Webster,  the concept of tolerance means “willingness to accept feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from your own”. Based on that definition, we understand that by talking about being tolerant to everyone, we are talking of respecting them althought we may not agree with the way they think or procede.     ¿Why is Tolerance an Important Topic? As social beings, we have the duty to practice tolerance towards those who surround us. We have to accept

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Every purchase counts, don’t contribute to child slavery

  Slavery in cocoa plantations, even away from us, remains a reality. In the nation with the first place in cocoa production that is Ivory Coast, enslaving children of their neighbors Beninese and the Beninese provide the children from their own. In benin, chiefs and family in the village decide which children will be trafficked, who deceive this children telling them they’re going to a better place so that no problems arise in the transaction   What happens to these

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