What’s a goal? In life, we all have dreams, those dreams that drive us to reach more in life than what we have already. Perhaps your dream is having for once the chance to be with your platonic love, getting a million dollars as a lottery price, having your very own house, visiting a specific city, getting the perfect job for you, having your own family,… whichever your dream is, you can make it if you put your mind on it.

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How to save your marriage

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 You want to save your marriage? Don’t try to do it and decide it yourself, get both Jesus as an example, you will live a long, happy, endless marriage. I recommend to see the movie Fireproof, you can get it anywhere on the net, it is in Netflix. Love is a decision you make everyday, not a feeling of butterflies, you decide to make your partner happy, specially in rought times.

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