Some Facts about love.

  Couples in love sometimes synchronize heartbeat and brain patterns. Not kidding! Couples who have been hooked up to monitors for their heart and brain functions were found to synchronize, every few moments, while interacting with each other. This is often explained as “momentary love,” in which we have a moment that makes us feel loved, and is the backbone to long-term love.   Thinking Of Love And Sex Influences Creativity And Concrete Thinking, Respectively Research based on the construal

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Criminal human rights

 Suddenly there is people defending the criminals from bad treatment because they have human rights. These criminals which await their dead penalty or life in prison, because they took the life of daughters, sons of everyone, in cruel and cold ways, and there is people wasting their time thinking in their human rights? Their human rights were lost with their victims, now they have the right to shut up, work for their meal everyday, and being punished.

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