Right or Wrong?

 When we are young we are taught what is right and what is wrong. As kids, things often seem just whether black or white, that is how we learn to distinguish contrasts. But as we grow up, we may lose that clarity and no longer accurately distinguish right from wrong or good from evil. This post’s purpose is reflecting about that.   At the beginning During our childhood, our parents teach us so that we learn that our actions have

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Can we ask time to stop its path? Time always runs the same, by hook or by crook.

  Objective Give the reader a positive view on the problems related to time or what we have as concept of time.   Introduction The Bolero Mexican song “El reloj” translated as “The Clock”. The phrase “time is money”. Einstein’s phrase “Time is relative.” And thousands of examples over time make it clear that we are obsessed by the variable “time” and sometimes we get so obsessed that this may become something negative that turns against us, in this article I want

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