Can we ask time to stop its path? Time always runs the same, by hook or by crook.



Give the reader a positive view on the problems related to time or what we have as concept of time.



The Bolero Mexican song “El reloj” translated as “The Clock”. The phrase “time is money”. Einstein’s phrase “Time is relative.” And thousands of examples over time make it clear that we are obsessed by the variable “time” and sometimes we get so obsessed that this may become something negative that turns against us, in this article I want to see time as something that you can’t change or alter, but you can change the way how you perceive things, including time.


The nonexistence of time

Time does not exist, it is a name we invented for it, altogether as we did in our humanity with seconds, hours, years invention. What Einstein said is that time is relative to the spectator. Time is our way of accounting organic matter’s deterioration, our way to have a proper, scientific, accurate communication of certain event or situation. We can conclude that time doesn’t exist, is is a common language to refer to deterioration. Use the time as it is, don’t overestimate or underestimate, time is and isn’t, depending on your point of view.



Nothing in this material world is eternal, as they say what goes up, must come down. Your problems are temporary negative situations that later will no longer be a problem, it is temporary, time is your friend, but time is not everything, maturity and development of the problem and its solution in a natural and unhurried way are, we can’t accelerate this process. What you can do is not think about the time, we previously read it’s nonexistent, the lesson here would be not to concentrate any effort on the time variable which is not in our hands.





The calm


Knowing that time does not exist in our problems, the following thing to do is to stay calm, calm helps us to “clear” our head from information not needed to reach a solution, as it is thinking of the time variable. In our head this can only be acceptable to process one problem at a time, the description of such problem and that next thing to do is to find the best solution, with the tools we currently count on or we can get to fix this.

The solution

Finding the solution may be a matter of seconds, hours or years, depending on the type of every problem you have. What doesn’t change is that we must stay calm and focus our efforts on the solution, the time variable is going to be something you can’t control. With truth and God’s hand you should seek a honest solution to your problem, even if it involves major problems to reach the solution or having to disclose information that is going to hurt, but the truth will set you free and eventually, over time, it  will give you the solution and peace you need.





We all have problems, by simple statistical or probability, sometimes they will be fast and small and sometimes severe and long, there are some problems that can’t be solved, those last ones will always make us company until we die. The key part is: to understand the time variable and how it can be in our favor when we put a good face to it, being honest with ourselves and the others and calm, use our energies to find the solution to our problem, regardless, and do all that by God’s hand.

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