Why don’t we remember the good stuff?



Show the reader how our culture is oriented to remember the bad stuff, and it is need to make an effort to remember the positive aspects of our lives and from the past.



At recalling the past, we remember when a loved one died and we cry, Wouldn’t this be better if instead we remember the happiest moments with that person and laugh? Either we remember the tragic past events or the happiest moments. We can set our mood and our brain to be happy and to remember the happy times, instead of keep remembering the tragic and unhappy moments, and letting that affects our present, our mood.

Past doesn’t change

We all know it, but it’s necessary to remember that. Past doesn’t change. Ever. It’s not possible. Past serves as a lesson for the future. From the past, we only should take the good memories to gladden our present. There’s no reason for us to touch the memories that make us sad, because if we do, in the future, we’ll have a bigger sad past and it’ll keep growing exponentially. Think about your future and fill your present with happy memories that you will remember and then that will give you more happiness.


Do you want to be happy?

I think everyone’s answer is: yes. Of course we want to be happy. Then let yourself get filled with happiness. Happiness is a state of mind (we feel happy inside, and it is reflected on the outside with a smile), it’s not a physical state (eg. when you’ll be on the beach resting, or when you’ll have X computer). Materialistic happiness for physical things does not exist, this will give us a sense of momentary joy that won’t last, most of the times, more than a few seconds or even a few minutes. You want to be happy, fill up your brain with happy thoughts, positive thoughts about the past. At creating yourself a happy today, you are sowing 10 more happy days for the future. Always a happy day today!



Do not sink into the negative past

We all have a dark negative past. If we go to that area of our brain, it’ll only bring us depression, emotional and physical discomfort, it will make us physically sick, and we’ll be sad and weepy. Make a well in the sand for your brain to bury all that doesn’t longer serves to you to be happy today. If you see a sad day today so, tomorrow you will have many sad days because besides the original sadness, in the future you will remember this day you were sad to remember the sadness from the past. And then your going to create a snow ball so big and heavy that it’ll become hard to overcome. Do not sink into the negative past, take the positive past and reminds pure beautiful memory of the past!



By Jesus and Mary’s hands we can live in peace and happy today, taking the positive from the past, today, and forgetting about what’s sad and sadness thinner, and what’s positive bigger. Live by God’s hand, grateful to the cabin that we have (and not sad about the castle we don’t have which prevents us from enjoying our cabin). TODAY Make of this a happy day, and thanks to your good decision today, you will have happier days TOMORROW it is a good investment!

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