Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth: Why Do Catholics say that?

 Objective To show the reader through a story of real events in the years Jesus was born in Nazareth and when he lived, his mother Mary’s point of view and all she lived and suffered.   Introduction Mary, a simple woman, was jewish. She lived in Galilee at the first century, her life was impacted and changed forever when Angel Gabriel announces and asks her if she wants to serve God by being mother of Jesus during 33 years -duration she didn’t know yet -and she

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Does God exist

 If you can certainly read this, God truly exists, look yourself at the mirror and glare at the perfection of a body that works perfect, from optical nerves to a circulatory system, nervous system, digestion system, etc, everything works together to form something that was engineered to work this way, if you think an explosion created your organism or any other organism, you probably deserve all bad things that happen to you. God exists, loves us and he is misunderstood

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Jesus Christ prince of humbleness

jesus christ real picture

 Just realized about the historic event of Jesus Christ, how he came to our world to sacrifice himself with unconditional love, when humanity was in a stage of constant sin and ungratefulness to God. He who is king and sits to the right of God, and withstands misbelief, treason and constant humilliation by humans, and just is treated like a common crook. He sets a bar, a standard for humbleness never thought real, he who is king and never bragged

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