Jesus Christ prince of humbleness


Just realized about the historic event of Jesus Christ, how he came to our world to sacrifice himself with unconditional love, when humanity was in a stage of constant sin and ungratefulness to God. He who is king and sits to the right of God, and withstands misbelief, treason and constant humilliation by humans, and just is treated like a common crook. He sets a bar, a standard for humbleness never thought real, he who is king and never bragged to be one, but accepted mistreatment with love and understanding. I think this is one of the most powerful examples, how humble we is, and how we constantly run away from being humilliated, when we should stand strong in front of humilliation like him, in sacrifice for our sins. Think about how he deserved the contrary, but accepted it for love. Accept humilliation from now on, and in the name of God anything that comes.

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