Where does news really come from

 Have you ever thought where does news really come from? Most people consider news and media companies as unquestionable source of facts, and you might be right, at least 3% right, but where does information published really come from, now on the Internet era? Who controls the information you read on the news? Can news be truth and real all the time? How about anytime? Do we read what the powerful want us to read, and think for convenience? Most

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When is the end of the world

 The end of the world is… when you die, this is the end of your life in this world and you will never return to the planet Earth with a body. Your soul will travel, transform, or whatever happens to God to see the result of rightful things you did to others. Everything in the universe had a start, and will have an end, this would be in millions of years, or any day if we destroy it with our

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