Where does news really come from


Have you ever thought where does news really come from? Most people consider news and media companies as unquestionable source of facts, and you might be right, at least 3% right, but where does information published really come from, now on the Internet era?

Who controls the information you read on the news?
Can news be truth and real all the time? How about anytime?
Do we read what the powerful want us to read, and think for convenience?

Most content providers on the new Internet era just copies of more well known media companies like ABC News, CNN, and others who really have reporters on field looking to be eye witnesses and publish fresh, new and exclusive information to people, so from all the articles, news, writing, pictures and video you might find on the Internet, at least 85% is a copy of the original. Why? Their intention is to drive traffic, get hits on their site, and make money with online advertising, and it works, they make a lot of money just copying what others publish, and help spread the word, but then if something is a lie, it is just spread the same way.

The most respected news companies, generate this 15% of content, but only a very few percentage of this news, I think 10% is really good news, a story the reporter investigated well, got evidence to support it and really make a good note for everyone to see. What about the majority of the news? Who informs about this to the news media? News company also publish anything the authorities, private companies and even anyone goes to the news company and report it as “great news” and without any validation, the news companies get this information and just publish it. News companies want readers, want to sell ads, want money, they don’t want to be true 100% of the time, that is not profitable.

A true reporter who wants only the truth to be published, it’s as rare as a politician who only wants to serve the people, and not himself, and both are not loved by their superiors. Hundreds or news reporters around the world are murdered, if criminals believe they will publish their criminal secrets and dirty laundry.

Authorities are well known to hide information, like contact with extraterrestrial intelligence or anything they consider as an advantage vs “enemies”, now or in the future, authorities fund the biggest, richest medical, spatial, etc. programs, so when you read something on the papers, internet, etc. really question the background of where this information is coming from.

Usually the information provided to us already consider secrecy and a strategy for us to think, consume and believe whatever the most powerful want us to believe, and just hide the best for them and their power and money driven egoism.

Use your head, beware of the news, 98% of the time it will misinform you or make you believe something convenient for other one.

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