How to manage with a stubborn person


We may stumble upon a stubborn person in any place or situation, but imagine a situation where you could be under a certain amount of stress, perhaps in a work environment, where it is important to focus on you, what you need to do and most of all to reflect the quality of the person you know you are, even with people who underestimate others with an intolerant attitude; and it is perhaps that same reminder of the possible daily difficulties, that we sit down to remember what it means to be tolerant and why.

Normally we can distinguish an ignorant when we realize that we are dealing with a one way street kind of person, someone extremely sure that their opinion is the only one accurate ; They underestimate others with an intolerant attitude while giving criticism without cause or sense, these are the easiest ways to recognize an ignorant.

There is a difference between sharing knowledge, or debate each other about a certain topic; as to presume to have acquired certain knowledge that someone else does not possess; attitude is key, knowledge is acquired to be a better person and more whole, better, and what would be better than to share with the people around you that sense of integrity and satisfaction with themselves.

Is my behavior one of a foolish person?

As free people, we have no obligation to listen to anyone, this is a fact, however, we do, for education; and also by education is why we consider our answers before we give them; in most cases a foolish person will not pay you with the same kindness; so for now, you can already be certain of one thing, you are not an ignorant person and it’s easy not to behaving like one.

What to remember when dealing with a stubborn person?

When an ignorant person treats you in a certain way, criticizing you for no reason, or wanting to underestimate your intellect with a negative attitude, you do not have to listen or respond, but for the quality of person you are, you reply when somebody, anyone, talks to you, to be polite; and although it will be difficult to give a respectful response to someone who does not deserve it, remember that indifference, always outweigh a thousand fights together, this way you are not only not giving the other person the fight they wanted it, but you’ve let them shut, with the words they wanted to say, and this, will make them feel incomplete while leaving you unharmed.

Someone intelligent remembers that empathy is a daily practice

If you don’t have empathy and effective personal relationships, no matter how smart you are, you’re not going to get very far.-Daniel Goleman.

Someone intelligent, compared to an ignorant, does not decided to vent the attitude caused by one problem with someone who does not deserve it, but still we are all fighting constant battles, some taking more of us than others, and it is not our place, to criticize another warrior for being weak or awful, because a warrior does worry with what he can not change, even if what he cannot change, may be the attitude or ignorance of another person.

To finalize

Arrogance is the manifestation of weakness, the secret fear towards rivals. -Fulton John Sheen

 Taking the decision to make a person feel they’re worth less, regardless of the treatment they gave you, it’s a conscious mistake, and conscious mind knows better than this behavior.

upload firstgenieLet us be strong, of enlightened mind, where weakness has its place, but not a place to remain, let us avoid a path toward arrogance and continue to build a road, where our success as that of others, is not something to be feared, it’s something positive.

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