Every purchase counts, don’t contribute to child slavery

  Slavery in cocoa plantations, even away from us, remains a reality. In the nation with the first place in cocoa production that is Ivory Coast, enslaving children of their neighbors Beninese and the Beninese provide the children from their own. In benin, chiefs and family in the village decide which children will be trafficked, who deceive this children telling them they’re going to a better place so that no problems arise in the transaction   What happens to these

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The cube personality test

 A few tips before you start: Ask someone else to read you the questions, you need to have your eyes closed and imagine your answers You can only take this test once, so remind the other person to not skip any questions Dont cheat, believe me, its worth it!  There is no right or wrong answer.  Try to concentrate on how you feel about what you are describing and not just on how it looks.   Lets begin. 1. Cube

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How to manage with a stubborn person

 We may stumble upon a stubborn person in any place or situation, but imagine a situation where you could be under a certain amount of stress, perhaps in a work environment, where it is important to focus on you, what you need to do and most of all to reflect the quality of the person you know you are, even with people who underestimate others with an intolerant attitude; and it is perhaps that same reminder of the possible daily

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