The cube personality test


A few tips before you start:

Ask someone else to read you the questions, you need to have your eyes closed and imagine your answers

You can only take this test once, so remind the other person to not skip any questions

Dont cheat, believe me, its worth it! 

There is no right or wrong answer. 

Try to concentrate on how you feel about what you are describing and not just on how it looks.


Lets begin.

1. Cube
Imagine a room with nothing in it.
How big is the room? Is it very large, small, etc? Is there a room or are you imagining vast open space?

Place in the room a cube.
How big is the cube? How big is it in relation to the room?
Where is the cube in the room?
Is the cube on the ground or floating in the air?
When you look at the cube are you facing a corner or a side?
Is the cube transparent or opaque? (Can you see through it or is it solid?)
What color is the cube? What do you think about that color?

2. Ladder
Place in the room a ladder.
Where is the ladder; in relation to the room?; in relation to the cube?
Is the ladder leaning against anything? Is it leaning on a wall or the cube?
How tall is the ladder?
Would you be able to climb it easily?
What is the ladder made of? How do you feel towards this?

3. Horse
Now place in the room a horse.
Where is the horse in the room?
How far is it from the cube?
How far is it from the ladder?
Is it roaming free or tied to anything? Does it have a saddle?
What color is the horse? How do you feel about this color? How does the horse make you feel?

4. Flowers
Now place flower(s) in the room.
How many flower(s) are there?
Where are the flowers in relation to the cube?
What color(s) are the flower(s)? How do you feel towards it?

5. Storm
Add a storm. Describe the storm.
Is it huge and all encompassing?
Is it in the room itself or do you perceive it to be outside?
What is the intensity of the storm? Is it a slight drizzle or a category 5 hurricane?
How do you feel towards the storm?


Room: The room represents your universe. It is the world you live in and all the things around you. If you imagine it to be very small, you might a small town girl. If it is very large, you might be a city boy. Basically, the room is a motif of how big you perceive your life and the world around you to be.

Cube: The cube represents you. How you think about the cube reflects how you think about yourself.

Size: If the cube is very large, you might think very highly of yourself; and if the cube is small, you tend to be meek. The size of the cube in relation to the room also reflects how large you perceive yourself in relation to the world. If you are a large cube in a small room… you’re a big fish in a small pond.

Location: The location of the cube within the room represents where you place yourself in the world. If the cube is in a corner you tend to be a shy person, whereas, if it is in the center, you are the center of your world. If the cube is a great distance from where you are standing, you might not know yourself very well. If the cube is floating in the air you might be a more imaginative person and someone whose cube is on the ground is a more grounded person. Additionally, if you are facing a side then you are more structured person. If you are facing a corner then you think very abstractly.

Color: If the cube is a transparent (see through) then people can tell what is going on with you. If it is a solid color you’re more guarded about your feelings. (see bottom for color details)

Ladder: The ladder is your goal(s) in life and your ability to achieve them. If the ladder is very far away from the cube then your goals do not really define who you are. If your ladder is close or even leaning on the cube then your goals are closely tied to who you are, which could possibly mean that your job/career defines your personality. If your ladder is very high (too high to climb) then it might feel like what you want is unobtainable, but if you can climb easily then you feel as if your expectations can be met. If your ladder is very short then you are easy to please (but you might also not have clearly defined your goals yet). If ladders are dangerous or foreign to you, you might not know what it is you want. What color and how you feel towards it might also suggest areas of interest you’re looking to pursue.

Horse: The horse represents you lover or ideal lover. The distance between the horse and the cube represents the closeness you have with your lover. If the horse is facing the cube it shows you want to be the focus of attention in the relationship. If your horse is closer to your ladder it might suggest you want a lover who supports your goals. If the horse is tied up, then it shows the need to be controlling in a relationship. If the horse has a saddle then you feel secure with them. If the horse is free and not saddled, it means you view your lover as uncontrollable/unpredictable or someone who is very independent.

Flowers: The flower represents kids. The closer the flower is to the cube, the closer you feel to your children or the thought of having children. If your flower is close to the ladder then a goal in life might be to have children. Different colors also represent a variety in children (you want boys/girls of varying ages). The more flowers the more kids you wish to have.

Storm: The storm represents the obstacles or problems in your life. If the storm is very intense (messing crap up) then your problems are causing havoc in your life. If they encompass your entire room then it means you might have some ongoing issues which will take a while to resolve. If your storm is light then it means your problems don’t really upset the balance of your world. If it is outside the room it means you see your problems at a distance and they can easily be controlled.

So that’s it. How well does your cube describe you?

Meanings of Colors
Here are some details about color theory and how they can reflect the colors of the cube, ladder, horse, storm, and flowers. However, these are not exact. The way you feel towards the color reflects more about what the motif means, but below is a list of colors and what each means.

Black: Black is the color of authority, elegance, sophistication, and seduction. Black can also imply submission and darkness.

White: White symbolizes innocence and purity, which is why the wedding dress is white. Doctors wear a white coat to imply sterility and cleanliness.

Red: The color of dominance, power, and sexual energy, the color red attracts attention. It is also the color of love.

Blue: One of the most popular colors, blue represents knowledge, authority, and loyalty. Blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals so it is often used in bedrooms. The color blue shows loyalty.

Green: Green represents compassion, prosperity, money, and vitality. It is a relaxing color. Many TV studios have a “green room” for people to sit in to relax before they go on the air.

Yellow: Yellow is another attention getter. While it is considered an optimistic color, symbolizing enthusiasm and playfulness, the color yellow is very difficult for the human eye to take in and can be overpowering.

Purple: Purple is the color of royalty. It represents luxury, wealth, and sophistication. It is also feminine and romantic and rarely found in nature.

Brown: Old reliable brown. Brown shows stability. It is the color of earth and a favorite of most men.

To know more of this personality test before taking it, go to: 

The cube personality test



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