Top good women


Good hearted, kind women, women that are an example to every other woman in the World.


1. Saint Virgin Mary (mother of Jesus)
The actual mother of Jesus Christ, born 15BC to 48AD, a Jewish Galilean of great kindness and love, to raise for 30 years her only son Jesus of Nazareth, the greatest men and son of God, to give an example of love, respect, forgiveness, that no other human every since, has been able to show again, more important to me than the signs or miracles, that also left clear who he was and who sent him. A woman of great admiration and respect to everyone, not only to follow her example but also a great soul to pray to, being very present with us humans as our intercessor with God.


2. Mother Theresa
Teresa of Calcutta or Mother Teresa (1910 to 1997) was a missionary and religious sister of Catholic Church. She is Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 and beatified by the Church, she was kind, served hospices and homes for people with HIV/AIDS, leprosy, tuberculosis with great love and patience. She was good as she was smart, there is a lot to read about here and her famous quotes. She lived and died at the service of others, with her perpetual vow of chastity, poverty and obedience and her fourth vow “give wholehearted free service to the poorest of the poor”.


3. Saint Catherine of Siena
Philosopher, Theologian, a Virgin and a Saint, smart and kind, loved by God. (1347 – 1380). She was the 24th child of a wool dyer in Italy, started with mystical experiences since the age of 6, she saw guardian angels as people, she joined as a humble sister to the Dominican group of the Catholic Church. She was theologically brilliant and she never had formal education, here writings are current, even after 700 years. She had visions all thru her life of Jesus, Virgin Mary and Saints. She had Stigmata on her body, but they were not visible to everybody until she died, and her body was incorrupt for hundreds of years, a special gift from God to special humans with amazingly kind and good lives, that are great example for others. She specially is an example of strenght, sacrifice, intelligence for the service of the ill and needed, and best example of how to have a relationship with Jesus and God, thru this life.



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