Why is the world so full of shit

world corruption

 Why is the world so full of shit? World is beatiful, plants, mountains, rain, etc. but people make it a bad place to be. Humanity in every stage is selfish, looking for power and money, and all of those people that seek, may be temporarily obtain some of the things they wanted, end up dead, they just mess up everybody’s life around them, like for instance people that produce and share porn and drugs, and people that are suppose to

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Day by Day

clear sunny day

 Happiness in my life comes in fleeting moments then disappears as if never there. Leaving a lingering of doubt at to whether it really happened or not. I awake in the morning with a profound sense of a new day. Most times with eagerness , but never without that inkling of dread of what is to come. I have chosen to accept this destiny for now, I know it is my choice and have not been forced into it. Hoping

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Big Bang Theory proves God exists

 Just before the “Bang” of the ball in the Theory, there was no matter, no universe, according to the Theory, there is a beginning for the universe. What was before this? Probably nothing, but just proves that something outside the matter universe exists, as physics principle, because things don’t start for their own, to understand this, metaphysics and theology comes into place. The Big-Bang is indeed the creation of the Universe, by whom else but God.

Why so many movies in the world

hollywood produces shit

 People are crazy about money and want to make money, as much and as fast as they can, that is the explanation in less words possible of why are there too many movies, too many bad movies (and by bad I mean with a terrible message, worst example, worst role models, direct and indirect specially for children but won’t exclude all adults). Just as newspaper is a business, and newspaper wants to sell newspapers putting the worst news possible (good

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Heaven is for real book and movie

jesus christ real picture

 So there is a book and a movie about this subject, Heaven is for real, about a kid that didn’t die and nevertheless has a believable testimony of visiting heaven for a while. I am aware of book and movie content as well as catholic and christian religion, and I am sure that the content in the kids testimony is valid (if his testimony is real or faked-forced by the parents, we will never know, but it seems authentic). Content

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