Differences Between Woman and Man


Physically and psychologically, man and woman are very different. It is common that the differences between genders makes us hard to understand the opposite sex. To do that, we must have information, will, patience, tolerance, be comprehensive, and improve the communication among us. Next, I will describe woman and man characteristics, our differences, and how to make real a healthy coexistance.


Woman’s Characteristics.

A woman is receptive. She senses. She is tender and thoughtful, sensitive and imaginative, friendly and sentimental. A woman does not find pleassure in physical love but through psychic love. Most women are able to give herselves only to the man they love. A woman likes to be conquered and she doesn’t mind being dominated by the personality. She wants to please. The woman has born to love, wants to be loved. She is happy as long as the ones she love are happy.

She defeats with tears. Women are easily dominated by their feelings, and they may let them interfer with her reason. The slightest illusion, detail, delicacy can make her happy or could make her cry. She has tendency to concrete stuff. Women seeks men’s support . She likes physically and spiritually strong men, manly ones. And she feels safe and secure with a man. She is happy if her man guesses her wishes.


Man’s Characteristics.

Man is active, thoughtful, intellectual, realistic, proud, enterprising and creative. He looks at things in synthesis. He reasons and is stable. He likes conquering and be valued. Most men are able to have a sex life without love, since men are more carnal, but they prefer to be dominated by love. Man was born to fight. He defeats by force. He tends to be universal when analyzing.


A woman is psychologically gifted with motherhood qualities, she is gentle with the child. Given that she is made for motherhood, her psychology gets affected by physiological changes in her reproductive cycle. That makes her so fickle that sometimes not even she is able to figure herself out. The same way a man can not give birth to a kid, psychologically, a man does not have the qualities a mother has. A man is unable to give a child the kindness from a mother.

Opossite to men, women are interested in people, not things. Women love and suffer more intensely than men.   Trivial stuff to men, mean for women a huge reason to be upset. A woman judges quickly. A man judges after long reflexion, but a woman does whether she loves or hates. She gets details a man can’t appreciate. When he finds an obstacle, he has to stop and study it. A woman changes to adapt herself to the situation. To his eyes, all of this makes her light and crazy, and to hers he is too calculative.

Men are short-spoken in comparisson to women when expressing feelings while she does that easily. On the contrary, she expresses more with actions than with words. He dislikes expressing his intimity and to seem sensitive, so he hides his feelings. He prefers ideas, faith, politics, sports, cars, or his computer, unlike her, she likes talking about her intimity and needs to be heard, she is interested in affection.


¿Why Are We So Differet?

All this differences are set by gender. Our brain controls our phisiological differences. Even our physical constitution is shaped to express our different ways to be in the world.

The way we are raised influences our personality. It isn’t true that our differences are its consequence but nature’s thing.


¿What To Do To Put Aside Our Differences?

All this differences may look like getting us apart. But we all are equals for having the same personal dignity.

We have to help us. We shouldn’t command, but instead we must obey to each other.

Men have to understand women, what they mean and appreciate their feelings. Women have to accept what men say. Thatś how we complement.





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