Soccer World Cup mania


Soccer World Cup in Brazil is just a masive event, everybody is involved, just because many countries are involved. As millions are watching, many other millions want to stay away from the tournament and all that involves it. As everything, is a matter of taste and opinion, we should give respect to the ones that like the sport and like the games, it is actually a healthy hobbie (as long as it is not an addiction or involves in gambling, what is actually unhealthy). Also we have to give respect to the ones that doesn’t like it (unless they are violent, that is also too drastic), if they don’t like it just ignore it! If you like it follow it but behave, be calm, it is supposed to be a family sport event, not a world war. Thinking in our past history, it is very positive for us to compete in a soccer tournament instead of a battle or war, so that is evolutionary. We yet can’t be able to stop competing between nations, but let’s see the good things in life. Enjoy!

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