Balance activities in life


I’ve hade the experience that when your life is not balanced, you are very much unhappy, you get sick and it just doesn’t feel right, you feel tired and like things are not going good in general with your life. The experience is that when you balance your life between healthy working time, no more than 8 hours a day, probably 6 to 7 very effective hours, you exercise your body, you pray and go to church (exercise your soul), and you spend time with your family, and also time for friends, is the times in my life where i was truly happy.

In different stages in my life, changing jobs, problems with love, etc, I’ve found that when you consciously try to find this correct balance with your life, without leaving one variable outside, you feel truly good with yourself: love, God, friends, family, work.

Hope this helps others finding true happiness!

Finished professional carrier information technology in 2004, has administered all kind of software proyects and products.

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