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To everybody out there that has an addiction or feels addicted to buying things every day, or feels like a rush, adrenaline in buying new things, because it is the only way you might feel happy sometimes, I suggest to you to sit down, talk to yourself and see what is going wrong, this usually is an unbalance in your life. May be you lack of exercise to your soul and want to fill the lack of God with things, something that is impossible. You need a balance, a little of everything in your life, a little work, friends, family, God, exercise to your body, good eating, good sleep. Put yourself in order, make a plan, and be conscious about that your addiction to new things, is the lack of very basic things around your life. If you want a true satisfaction in purchasing, purchase help for the most needed, and put your life in a correct balance and you will find true happiness!!

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  • Yes this is so true, once I had this addiction, I needed to buy something new and feeling you open something new to feel a little happy with yourself, and that happiness just vanishes too fast. Putting yourself together and organizing a balanced life does the trick in happiness.


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