Sometimes I feel like God abandoned us


Sometimes I feel like God abandoned us to our own luck, to our own destiny, only to the pure and objective result of our decisions, decisions of others and natural variables that play in our life. Sometimes life is not easy, nor fun. Rapidly I come to sense, God exists and love us, specially those who love him back, He is atemporal, so billions of years is a millisecond to him or so, and he is in everytime at the same time, present, past, future, etc. so it is very difficult to understand with our small heads and small comprehension, how big and smart he is. I’ve definitely felt his help in many situations, and eventually sends us what we ask for (and he agrees), so we just need to put our hears in him and wait, love him and await our call, his time and his choices in his worst time are trillions times better than all our “smartness” of humans in all time.

Finished professional carrier information technology in 2004, has administered all kind of software proyects and products.

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