Why we die and death penalty is not punishment


Death is natural in our world, things are created, live and then dry out and new things are born, everything works that way; plants, animals, humans. It’s a cycle, no one can live forever. So death is not a punishment, nor a surprise, nor a bad state, it is just a state of life, the last stage for an individual to his own appreciation but for ones that outlive this dying person is a lesson that things are temporary, that soon it will be his turn. This should bring into your mind what do you want to write in your own book of your life, good choices or bad ones. Choose correctly, Jesus Christ is the only way, he came to save you and expects you to listen.

So death, dying, is a punishment? It is not, death penalty should not exist, when you die you have no pain, no suffering, no world problems, no more dealing with all the people around us that make this life so difficult. Dying is a prize! Death penalty or natural penalty is not a sad thing, is a happy ending, you finally go to God. If people should be punished they should live 500 years, that is punishment.

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