Are you happy, or do you just look?

Since we are children, society conditions us not to show what we really feel, therefore we learn to hide our emotions, both positive and negative. This results in discomfort, pain and dissatisfaction, keeping everything we feel deep down and pretending something that is not really what is inside of us. That is, we show faces, behaviors and attitudes that are not consistent with what is inside us.

Thanks to the way we express ourselves or to the publications in social networks, today it is easy and possible to see what it is not, like a happy marriage, a close family, a perfect body, a luxurious life. But what do you gain with that? if behind each of these social fantasies there may be an unhappy and frustrated person who does not want to show his true and authentic person.

The lack of sincerity and hide what you really are can end up being a dramatic ending because you feel more at ease with your appearances than with your true self. For example, if you do not have it, you seem to have a body in excellent physical condition and you are invited to the beach, you probably do not want to face it and look for a thousand excuses not to go and be discovered. So you will not be able to show it live, in reality and therefore you stop being authentic, you lose credibility.

If you have limitations, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, weaknesses, you can show the best of yourself and improve what you do not, but always from your real person, why should we build on what we are, since the best of you is your 100 %, and you should not destroy yourself personally with fantacias and appearances that you can not prove. So feel proud to be you, for sincerity to yourself and live your human reality.

If you want to know how to do it, you can start improving your self-esteem, share what gives you pleasure, commit to yourself and practice your purpose in life.

Happiness is not absence of problems, but satisfaction with your own being, achieve a full life, committed and meaningful.

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