Serving is a pleasure

The wrong thought of the current world is that the greatness of a person consists in the others serving us. But the service has an intimate relationship with spiritual and material growth, it is an act of nobility that brings out the best in you, purifies your heart because selfishness and ideas of superiority disappear, getting a broad perspective of life.

Serving leads to leaving our comfort state, as this is one of the reasons why many people find it difficult to serve, because they do not want to change their comfort. But remember that the helpful person changes their environment with a warm treatment, as it usually has a positive influence on others providing joy and optimism.

Everyone can be great because anyone can serve, the opportunity to serve is in every corner of life, at work, at home, with your acquaintances, friends; At all times give the best of you, do it with vocation and not in an interested way. Serving makes us great and important, it is one of the attitudes you will need to succeed and succeed in life.

"I slept and dreamed that life was joy. I woke up and I saw the life was service. I acted and lo and behold, the service was joy. Rabindranath Tagore"

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