I’m alone, now what do I do?

Loneliness does not have to be harmful, it is not synonymous with isolation, on the contrary, it can benefit us and help us grow as people, as long as we keep our contacts. It is important that we are talking about solitude.

Our culture educated us for the noise, the popularity, no matter how many people you get ahead of you and not what you really love. Because of this society condemns loneliness as a negative experience, we criticize who we see eating alone, we pity him for coming to think that nobody wants it, we see it with pity, and this situation ends up being one of the biggest fears; Without thinking that it is possible that loneliness can also be enjoyed. But beyond this negative connotation that has been given, loneliness is necessary for our own thinking, development, maturity and that captivating encounter with the spiritual, as it is considered in oriental cultures.

It is important to give us a space to ask ourselves how we are, how we feel, and listen to our inner self, as this way we learn to know ourselves and enjoy ourselves when we are alone.

Loneliness can be a gift, use it and earn your own company.

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