The limits are your friends

To make clear our limits, in us, is a determining task of preservation, love and responsibility in ourselves, in such a way to give and receive love. The first thing you should do is to recognize your rights, from the most basic thing that is to say how you want to be treated, to consider your principles and your value as a human being to be treated with respect.

Your behavior and your attitude teaches others how they can treat you, perhaps many times you keep silent to avoid out of tune or being unpleasant before others. So you must study them, work on your self-esteem and learn to defend your limits. Keep your position teaching others that you are not playing and should take you seriously, that is why you should never accept behaviors that offend you and always let you know.

"The cuts do not take away the brave" so express yourself without fear and firmly, the key is that in a friendly way, let others know, how you expect to be treated, for example "Please do not raise my voice when you direct to me "," I will not be able to accompany you, I have other plans ", these phrases make your position clear and do not offend.

It is healthy to notice that many times, we feel very bad and guilty of saying "NO" or to stop a situation to express what we feel, keep in mind that silences become invoices to charge ourselves, so learn to love yourself and know your limits to give yourself respect to others, remember that the thermometer is you. In the case that you do not have total security, rehearse in your mind this behavior if necessary, visualize how you act if they violate your rights or that they do not treat you as you wish, until you feel able to perform it. When you manage to express and make known your limits, people will change the treatment towards you, so reinforce your attitude celebrating your victories.

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