Effective communication

Have you ever wondered how do you communicate? All at some time we wanted to communicate something and we do not know how to accurately form a message and that it is completely understood, in many occasions we can not continue to frequent some people, social networks or places simply because we do not know how to communicate correctly, for this we that verbal and non-verbal actions are in agreement with each other and that is why it is necessary to take into account some tips for an effective communication:

What do I want to say? Simplify your message, be direct, clear and simple.

What message do I want to convey? Comment in a positive, sincere way, your opinion should be about the content or topic and not the people who are in the conversation, you must be consistent in what you are talking about and not change the subject of unforeseen.

What is the best time to do it? Be timely not to interrupt and recognize the right time to intervene or give your opinion.

Who do I want to transmit it to? Choose your listeners, attentive and receptive people. You must look at the person who is speaking, showing interest in capturing interest in others, being empathetic, establishing friendships and connections regardless of the environment.

In what way will I make my message clear and understood? Communicator in a verbal and non-verbal way (body language, gestures and actions) taking care of the tone, timbre and the intensity of the voice during the conversation. Communicate your emotions and opinions without fear. Avoid being a controller in the conversation, allowing feedback and diversity of opinions.

You will achieve better results, practice these recommendations every day, every time you communicate in your work and in your social life, give them something to feel, remember and what to do.

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