In times of crisis, stay calm

How do you deal with situations that you can not control? Those situations that generate great stress such as arguments with your partner, traffic, a bad attitude of your child. We have all experienced a difficult time in which emotional control overflows, nerves shoot up and we feel weak in making an accurate decision.

Tension and nerves prevent you from thinking clearly and focused on a solution to the problem, what is important in these cases is to stay calm, be patient, breathe deeply and think of possible solutions:

The first thing that should be done at this time is to recognize or identify the moments when children are sitting or pressured, control their emotions and stay calm. Avoid saying or doing anything that you can regret, train your slow and deep breathing to be able to relax and your mind open to solutions. Do not let this moment catch you.

Take a little distance from the situation generated by the suitcase, place yourself in a superior attitude and strength, look for a quiet place where you feel comfortable, try to see other things, give yourself time to meditate, listen to music so that the mood gets better, think of something else as images that relax you and disconnect your brain from that situation and clear your mind.

After you do all the previous advice, now, with a cool head, analyze the situation objectively, take responsibility, accept things as a child, accept your losses, accept the past and do not try to predict any future, thank What you have and what you are living, thinks of others, believes that things will improve, do not be afraid and be positive. Imagine the situation you are living, as if you were living it and the protagonist was another person, if the protagonist asks you for advice, what would you say? Would you see it in the same way? You can also raise the situation to a trusted person who can help you with the consequences of the specific decision, a person may have a problem, can see the solutions that you can not see yourself.

You already know that staying calm in any circumstance is not easy. It requires a lot of patience, a lot of practice, desire and willpower to not give up when it seems that the situation is getting out of hand. Perdonate, feel very proud of yourself, if you have failed in something, nothing happens, you do not like that fail them help you learn more about yourself and know you better, sure next time you do better.

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