How to overcome abandonment

I want you to know that I speak to you with love, that I understand you and that I know well the situation in which you find yourself, because everyone in one way or another comes to know it, no matter the age or the time it affects us in the same way . The important thing is that you know and understand that this is not the end, this is not your end even if you want everything to end to feel nothing more.

You should try to find calm, you should not surrender to this situation, I know that many times the pain, the questions can attack you at night, filling you with despair and nightmares, but you must think about yourself, give yourself your position, take up the good thing that you had forgotten And keep going. If that person (Padr @, brother @, spouse ... ... etc.) no longer wants you by his side you should not pray or insist, it is very difficult to leave the person you love but you must accept it with your head held high and with courage You do not have to understand everything, and you gave what you could, so let go of the pain, free it because life goes on, life is always in a constant balance and surely someone will come who will want you by their side every day. his life and that he wants us in spite of everything. It's just a matter of time.

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