Generosity leads to happiness

Being generous will give you moments of happiness, I speak of the quality of being kind and understanding. The first person you should be generous with is you, so you should take care of yourself, give yourself time to relax, practice some hobby or simply indulge yourself, remember to make gifts and reward yourself. You should know that it feels to receive something that is important to you so that when it comes to being generous with someone else you can do it with pleasure.

Generosity characterizes the noble heart and is effective when what you offer is important for the other, there is much of you that you can give with your heart like dedicating your time to someone, contribute your knowledge, talent or simply give something voluntarily and joyfully without expect nothing in return; for this we must think about what the other person wants, needs or can help you. You can start by small things like smiling, shaking hands with someone, offering a compliment, because even if it is little you are contributing to improve someone's day. Look at the reactions of people and what you feel at that moment.

The best thing about generosity is that it grows and spreads, your practice is opening the heart little by little, so you must also accept the generosity of others, it is important to let others do something for you, although sometimes they can make us feel uncomfortable , we should let others practice and feel this beautiful gesture, we can not avoid it.

Being generous will make you happier because the demonstration of generosity makes people more compassionate with others, brings a sense of community, provides a better personal image, involves in the development of compassion and makes us feel better with ourselves. While you are generous with others, you are also generous with yourself. It is something that you must always experience and adopt in your life.

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